• What year levels/ages do you cater for?

We are a P-12 school. So we have students that are 5yrs to 18yrs

  • Is my child eligible to attend Kalianna?

If your child has had an assessment done and their IQ score is between 50-69 and your child is funded for an aide in their mainstream classroom.

If your child is in kinder, please call the school and speak to our Assistant Principal

  • Can I have a look around the school?

You will need to call the school on 5442 1311 to make a time to see our Assistant Principal who can help you with this. She will sit with you and make sure your child is eligible to attend Kalianna and take you for a look around the school.

  • What does Kalianna offer my child?

We offer your child a safe environment for them to learn and grow among peers that are of a similar learning level. 

  • Do you offer after school care?

In 2018, Term 3, Kalianna will have our own after school care and holiday program. Please call Danielle on 5442 1311 to discuss your child enrolling in this.

  • Can my child catch a bus to school?

Yes, you will need to fill out a bus travel form and speak to our bus co-ordinator to organise to have your child on a bus and to discuss a pick up and drop off times and location.

  • What do I need to buy my child for class?

Nothing, it is all covered in the Essential Education Items amount.

  • When do I need to have my Essential Education Items (EEI) amount paid?

You can pay it off over the course of the whole year.

  • Can my child attend Kalianna and another school? (Dual enrolment)

Yes. This will need to be discussed during enrolment at Kalianna, however this is something we can do.

  • Do you sell uniform?

We have uniform for sale from the office. You can, however, choose to purchase your childs pants, shorts or dress from any other store as long as they are navy blue.

  • What are your bell times?

The morning bell to start school is 8.50am and the day finishes at 3pm.

  • Do you offer a Breakfast program?

Yes, we provide toast, milk and fruit for students when they arrive to school.

  • Do you offer any financial assistance?

The Department provide CSEF (Camps, Sports, Excursion Fund) money to those who have health care cards. This is used for any camps, sports and excursions that your child may attend. SSR (State Schools Relief) can also help with providing some uniform, you will need to speak to our welfare co-ordinator to see if you are eligible.