The Kalianna Primary Learning Community consists of five small classes each with two teachers and two or three support staff in each classroom. We provide caring, engaging and supportive learning environments for all of our students and programs in line with the Victorian Curriculum F (Prep)-10 standards.


Every student has an Individualised Learning Plan which is a set of individual goals prepared collaboratively with students, parents and specialist participants. With a student centred focus, students participate in discipline-based learning such as English, Mathematics and Science, as well as attending regular Art, Respectful Relationships and Physical Education sessions with specialist staff. In addition to this, students are involved in regular independent living and social skills integrated throughout the curriculum where great importance is placed on the development of communication and social skills to promote independence. This sets students up to be lifelong learners equipped with the skills to become valued members of our community.


The Primary Years Learning Community at Kalianna School have a range of facilities and equipment that promote happy, engaged learners.  This includes our own playground with built-in sand pit, play-ground and trampoline as well as a large selection of indoor playing choices. The students learn how to safely use a range of technology including computers, iPads, interactive whiteboards, and cameras.


An Occupational Therapist is available to supplement students needs. Individual,  small group and whole class sessions are available for students and our specialists work closely with teachers in providing follow up activities and strategies to assist with student delevopemnt.


Kalianna provides a range of other programs which are available to students within the Primary Learning Community such as:

  • Bike Education

  • Swimming

  • Camps

  • Weekly Learning Journeys

  • Excursions

  • Buddies


At Kalianna we understand that parents make the world of difference when it comes to student learning. Communication between school and home is seen to be highly important to ensure information is passed through that can ensure each student can see success with their learning every day. Our goal is to challenge students, provide structured learning opportunities and focus on students’ strengths and interests in an inclusive learning environment to promote positive, creative and independent young learners.


At Kalianna School in 2018 we have five middle learning community classrooms. The students in our section range in age from 12 to 16 years and are involved in a range of academic, social, specialist and extra-curricular programs which is targeted to assist them in becoming independent young people.


The Learning Centre for Middles Years provides students with programs and skills that are suited to meet their individual needs and to incorporate the AusVELS curriculum learning standards. A significant emphasis is on literacy and numeracy with a ‘real-life’ approach in addition to learning life –long social skills.


Supporting a broad range of student needs and abilities, the Learning Centre for Middles Years at Kalianna School focus on developing a repertoire of skills that contribute to independence, social competence and quality of life.


The programs that are available to students in the Learning Centre for Middles Years are: 

  • Literacy

  • Numeracy

  • Humanities

  • Science

  • Physical Education

  • Art

  • Bike Ed

  • Protective Behaviours/Wellbeing

  • Boys and Girls Health

  • Camps / Excursions

  • Respectful Relationships


  • Canteen program

  • VET courses​






We were very excited about the introduction of student engagement into the Kalianna program in 2016. 

We have a huge range of activities for our students to choose from which enables them to engage in their learning, remaining responsible assets to the community and wanting to participate in the school culture.

We have one class of student engagement students at Kalianna.


Programs being offered this year in Student Engagement:


  • Pepper Green Farm Catering

  • Resume writing

  • Pallet Furniture

  • Indigenous workshops

  • Primary classroom support

  • Garden Maintenance

  • Community Connections

  • Class work - Numeracy/Literacy/Maths

  • Petstock





The VCAL campus is made up of a teaching team of 7 staff for years 11-12.   The campus is located on Mitchell Street in the centre of Bendigo and provides our senior students with an environment suitable for young adults about to transition into adult life. Students progression and achievement is related to completing units of competence in the VCAL curriculum during their two years on campus.   Students are also involved in a range of work and life related activities that are designed to assist in providing independence and confidence in making the transition out of a school setting.


There are a selection of programs available to our VCAL students as they progress towards their qualification.   These include units on:

  • Literacy

  • Numeracy

  • Work Related Skills

  • Industry Based Skills

  • Vocational Education programs

  • Protective Behaviours/Wellbeing

  • Camps / Excursions

  • Travel training

  • TAFE courses

  • Work Experience