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Flexible Learning Options

Our new “Flexible Learning Option” is designed to be as flexible as it needs to be and is based on students’ unique needs. Referrals come through the Kalianna Wellbeing Team and there is a set of criteria to be met.


Students are given options to learn online through Google Meets, Google Classroom and emails. Some learners prefer learning over the phone or using paper copies of their individualised learning booklets. These can be returned via mail, photos over the phone, emails or the Google Classroom platform. We negotiate to make it work.


Subjects we focus on include English, Maths, Personal and Social Capabilities and we currently have individual students studying Science, Health, P.E. and Humanities. All students choose their own “Passion Project” and are supported to research, make a Google Slideshow and present their findings.


Daily sessions include the above topics and “Book Club” – (the audio of selected texts are shared and discussions and activities follow) and “Stay Connected” (an opportunity for students to view KBTV together).


Our Google Classroom Stream keeps learners up to date with events, and is used as another form of communication. Prompts relating to positive mental health, current events etc are published there for students to respond to.


The goal is for learners to build capacity and connect with their learning goals, starting where they are at, and heading where they want to go.