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Child Safety

Kalianna School works to ensure a safe and secure environment is provided for all students, staff, school community and visitors to the school.  We do this by ensuring the highest standards in care and supervision, having a zero tolerance approach to child abuse and by clear and sound staff practices that place safety at the heart of all decisions.


Kalianna School is a school where the social, emotional, educational and physical needs including sensory and personal care needs of all students are of the utmost importance. It is a school that encourages respect for diversity in ability as well as cultural, ethnic and social backgrounds and is based on the notion that we will continually work towards providing for the needs of all students in our community.

Our purpose is to inspire children to achieve their full potential by developing:


  • A culture of learning based on positive relationships between students, staff, parents and the wider community.

  • A core of knowledge of academic and social competencies based on our key values of Positive, Inclusive and Creative

  • Responsibility for being self-motivated lifelong learners

  • A challenging curriculum appropriate to the needs of all students

  • A positive, caring, stimulating and happy learning environment, which fosters high standards of achievement and behaviour

  • High expectations for all students to achieve their personal best socially, academically, physically and emotionally


Kalianna School believes that all school community members have a valued part to play in formalising the expectations and values of the school. The welfare and safety of students, staff and parents and wider school community is an underlying consideration in everything that is done. Our school believes that people are the most important resource and that everyone has something to offer.