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Outdoor Education Whipstick

Welcome to the Outdoor Education Whipstick Program - an exceptional educational experience designed to enrich students' life skills while exposing them to unique outdoor adventures within a safe and supportive environment. Our program is available for students ranging from Grade 4 to Pathways.

Our program aims to equip students with invaluable skills while fostering a deeper connection with themselves, their peers, and their environment. Through a wide range of hands-on outdoor activities tailored to meet individual education needs, students learn to appreciate and respect nature while gaining practical skills. 

Our program offers a variety of activities, including woodworking with pallet furniture, bike riding with track construction, car recycling in our tool workshop, cooking with campfire skills, agriculture with flower growing, and constructing and maintaining a chicken coop. Additionally, students can enjoy hiking, farming, and outdoor exploring and adventures.

Our team is passionate about providing students with a unique outdoor learning experience that is both fun and educational. Our programs are designed to promote individual growth, teamwork, and leadership skills. Join us today and embark on a life-changing adventure with Outdoor Education Whipstick Program.

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