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Primary Learning Centre

Welcome to the Kalianna Primary Learning Community, a school dedicated to nurturing, engaging, and supporting students in their learning journey. We believe in providing a student-centred approach that aligns with the Victorian Curriculum F (Prep) - 10 standards.

Our Primary Learning Community consists of several small classes, each with two teachers and two to three support staff, allowing us to provide individualised attention to every student. We work collaboratively with students, parents, and specialists to develop an Individualised Learning Plan that caters to each student's unique needs. Our approach focuses on discipline-based learning such as English, Mathematics, and Science, as well as regular Art, Drama, and Physical Education sessions with specialist staff.

We also understand the importance of developing independent living and social skills, which is integrated throughout our curriculum. Our emphasis on communication and social skills development promotes independence and prepares our students for lifelong learning, equipping them with the skills to become valuable members of the community.

Our Primary Years Learning Community offers a range of facilities and equipment that foster an engaging and enjoyable learning experience. Our primary playground includes a built-in sandpit and trampoline, and we provide an extensive array of indoor play choices and activities. Additionally, our students receive training on how to safely use technology such as computers, iPads, interactive whiteboards, and robots.

We have a Speech Pathologist available to provide individual, small group, and whole-class sessions. Our specialists work closely with teachers to provide follow-up activities and strategies to assist with student development.

We offer a range of programs available to students within the Primary Learning Community, such as bike education, swimming, camps, learning journeys and excursions. We recognise that parents play a crucial role in student learning, and communication between school and home is highly valued to ensure that essential information is shared, enabling each student to experience success in their learning journey.

Our goal at Kalianna is to challenge students, provide structured learning opportunities, and focus on their strengths and interests in an inclusive learning environment to promote positive, creative, and independent young learners. We invite you to join our community and experience the difference that Kalianna can make in your child's education.

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