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Physical Education

Our Physical Education program involves students participating in many different sports and activities. The main goal for our program is to have as much participation as possible. We encourage all students to improve their fitness levels through a variety of movement opportunities. 


Throughout the year, Kalianna students have opportunities to participate in many extra curricular activities including football and netball carnivals, basketball tournaments, regional athletics carnival, football colour day, cross country, swimming and the Mildura cricket carnival. 


Students from F-10 participate in the schools swimming program, held at Paul Sadler Swimland.  This program focuses on building awareness, knowledge and skills, so students can safely participate in a range of aquatic activities, survival swimming and basic water safety.


Our Bike and Scooter Education program aims to develop the necessary skills to ride safely in an already determined safe environment.


Lower Primary Students participate in a 4 week Gymnasium program held at Jets Gym by qualified trainers.  Upper Primary students participate in tenpin bowling.