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Kalianna literacy program

At Kalianna School Bendigo, students are provided with a comprehensive, explicit, sequential English intervention program created by our Literacy Learning Specialist, Ayshia Howden, alongside Professor Pamela Snow from La Trobe University. 

Kalianna also has the support of a full-time speech therapist to assist teachers with individual and whole group adjustments required to support students with further communication needs and to also support the development of language skills including phonological awareness and vocabulary development across all levels.


Every student participates in four two-hour English intervention sessions per week. These intervention sessions are outlined as follows.

Kalianna Literacy Program .png

The levels for the Sounds to Words component are based upon a variety of assessments, such as the Little Learners Assessment of Reading and Spelling and the Sutherland Phonological Awareness Test. These assessments are carried out once a term and are delivered in a 1:1 student/staff ratio capacity to ensure students are focused and achieving accurate results.

Literacy Learning specialist, Ayshia Howden meets with classroom teachers at the end of each term to review student data and assist with student placement in groups to ensure that students receive lessons at their individual point of need.

Kalianna reading program

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